Selim Idris M’Ke

The party's noble advocate.


Male human, late 30s. Never wears the same outfit twice, and always looks sharp on his thin frame. Short, styled black hair and a shaped goatee. He is constantly in motion and often easily distracted. Despite his difficulty in any steady kilter, he is well-mannered and engaging. Within House M’Ke he is a textiles trader and a shrewd negotiator.

Selim caught Carrion’s attention when Selim was out in public on one of his frequent shopping trips. Unlike so many Raamite nobles, Selim seemed to not fear the starving populace, and in turn they did not tear the flesh from his bones. Carrion smelled and ally in someone who exhibited such a chameleon’s skin in different social castes.

Selim is the group’s “sponsor” in their relations with House M’Ke. They are not so much employed by the house as affiliates of mutual benefit. M’Ke tentatively involves the group in its plots to consolidate power in and outside of Raam. The group is little more than a chess piece for M’Ke, and are thusly expendable. Selim believes the group can offer the house much more, and is their advocate in house dealings.

Selim Idris M’Ke

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