Rylael Lan

Accountant for and the party's liaison within House M'Ke.


Rylael is the group’s usual go-between for Selim. A low-level bean-counter for M’Ke, Rylael occasionally but regularly gets demoted to gopher duty due to errors in his records, be it due to daydreaming or distracting or a simple lack of concentration. He continues to work hard at it however, and his dedication is the only thing keeping his status in the house level.

Half-elven, Rylael is a fair (by Athasian standards) young man with dusty blonde hair that dances on his shoulders. He tries to stay occupied otherwise his nervous fidgets subconsciously manifest. Rylael’s human patron cast him out at a young age due to the constant reminder of the shame of having consorted with an elven potter who tickled his fancy once but cast away due to political pressures.

House M’Ke, ever quick to capitalize on an opening, found an adoptive family for Rylael after spies reported his abandonment. M’Ke diplomats spun the incident as a double indiscretion, first on the affair and again in the callous ejection of the noble’s own flesh. Rylael strives to live down this embarrassing past, working hard to make a “face” of his own and shed the shackles of his father’s foolish behavior.

Rylael Lan

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