Harlynd the Deathbane

Selim's personal bodyguard.


Some say it’s Selim’s golden tongue and familiar face that lets him walk the streets of Raam. In reality, it’s his imposing half-giant bodyguard, known in many circles as Deathbane. She stands taller and broader than all men and even some half-giant men, and sports a single strip of hair on the center of her scalp pulled into a pony tail. Harlynd was a girl of the streets, born to a slave family and destined for a life of servitude and poverty. When her parents’ owner died and there was no clear succession of property, a teenage Harlynd took it upon herself to take the opportunity to ditch her parents and make her own way.

Though dubiously free, she still had no social standing. What she did have was a strength of arm, a tireless constitution and a predilection for bashing heads. With little else to her name, she wandered into Raam’s gladiatorial pits, grabbed the first weapon she could find (a rusty shovel) and proceeded to kill a dozen adult men in a single day. Her career in the arena was short and meteoric, for it wouldn’t be long before a noble making a name for himself named Selim would eye her for more stable employment.

Selim brought her on as a lifetime voluntary employee of House M’Ke. He bought out her parents’ contracts and freed them to pursue whatever dreams they possessed. (They’re still dirt poor; not that Harlynd cares.) Harlynd the Deathbane has since become known as one of the most volatile, dangerous, caustic and effective bodyguards in modern noble service. In seven attempts on Selim’s life, Harlynd has put them all down to the man (or woman or child) and then some thanks to her unbridled and sometimes collaterally damaging fighting style, more or less cementing Selim’s safety so long as she is around. Aside from her natural half-giant’s inclination for violence, her only motivation is the next paycheck and how much rock candy she can buy with it. When idly watching her ward, she can always be seen sucking on a hunk of the crystallized nectar on a stick.

Harlynd the Deathbane

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